Sunday, 24 July 2016

Life skills learning resources.

Ability Levels are intended as an  approximate guide only - use your child as your guide!

Life Skills Grades 1-3/Years 2-4

Grade 1

Grade 2
Grade 3

Grade 3/4 Safety & Hazards

Age Appropriate cyber safety learning resources.

Teens - ASC money management online course. A free online learning module from the National Autistic Society.

Key Stage 4 - older teens. Money Management workbook from Barclays. 
Social Stories - A free guide to social stories on almost every topic from visiting the dentist& haircuts to dealing with family celebrations. A great one stop shop this!

Everyday life 
Life is filled with chaos, and we have to learn how to work and solve problems in the midst of it every day. These interactive lessons give you the opportunity to experience these daily challenges without real-world consequences.  I really like these for teens with anxiety.

Do2learn. In order for communication to take place, a person needs to understand his environment and know what is expected of him. It can be very frustrating to not know what is happening or what to do. Frustration can breed inappropriate behavior.  This site is incredibly useful for finding ways to teach what is expected around everyday activities from getting dressed to social emotional skills. Includes help with schedules, story strips, emotional skills training, fine motor skills development etc. One to save to your favourites for sure! 

Life skills for parents & carers - Keeping our young digital natives safe. 

Parents! Do take a look at these cyber safety sites. Being clued up yourself is the best way to ensure our children and young people stay safe online. Our young digital natives are depending on us!

Sources of help for adults with using the internet in the community. Type your postcode into the database for your nearest source of face to face help in the community. (Lots of Grandparents  we know, who help with home education have upskilled themselves to help keep their loved ones safe this way).

Once again many thanks to Lynne Wilkinson for her help in sourcing some of these links.

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