Monday, 15 May 2017

History - Learning resources.

This is the first of a series of Blog Posts based on traditional School Subjects. The goal is simply to help show those new to Home Education what a wonderful range of FREE learning resources are available for people to use. There is no intent whatsoever to suggest that you should be using these resources, or that you should follow the National Curriculum etc. The nicest part about Home Education is the freedom of choice it affords us to tailor our education provision to meet both the needs and interests of the child.

FREE - One Year out of the Box courses.
KS1/KS2 Primary History Project - a nice range of resources and lesson plans for KS2 ability level learners. Most people will probably find they want to dip in and out of this for the first few years of Home Education before moving on to one of the courses listed below as their child reaches Year 5/6 ability level.

Upper KS2/Lower KS3 Ability
Unit studies on History. Includes lesson plans, videos. upper KS2/lower KS3 Ability level. Six Units in total taking you from the Renaissance to Nationalism & Imperialism.  Would nicely cover an academic year if you chose to use it in that way if you allowed 6-8 weeks per unit.
Another choice for use as a one Year World History Course is here.  Contains unit guides, printable lesson notes, text book pages and suggested activities.

Pre-GCSE One year Course.

Upper KS3 Ability Level and wanting something that you could use to progress into an IGCSE course?  The Khan Academy World History Course is a wonderful foundation upon which to build upon.

The Big History Project. The vast range of resources available here can be tweaked to create your own one year course plan that is tailor made for your child.

General Resources for all Ages.

The History of the World in 2 hours. Wonderful Video Documentary for wet afternoons.

How far back in time could you go and still understand English? 3 minute video. Ideal for injecting some fun into a learning break.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art digitalized over 375 000 works of art from their collections, and made the images available for online viewing. You can filter when searching, which means if you are studying Ancient Greece, or Asian Art, you can filter to search for just that.…/digi…/2017/open-access-at-the-met

Time Maps - a really handy resource to supplement World history courses showing what was happening around the World and when

General Resources for KS3 -for those children with particular passions or interests. 

Literacy - writing Historical diary entries based on real journal entries.
UK Years 7-9  The Art of History Course from Scholastic. Covers fashion, music and art for creative types.
Black History Month - 45 activities for Home Educators here

The Electric Telegraph is one of the most important inventions in the history of science ! It directly led the way to the development of all digital communications including computers, fax, the internet, email, and text messaging. A project for tecnhical types to cover as they learn about the early 20th century. It's perhaps worth noting here for our keen techy kiddos that the RAF cadets does a BTEC in Radio Comms.

Author - Steph Shobiye.