Saturday, 12 March 2016

WAG Consultations coming thick & fast - CALL TO ACTION

Our devolved Government is churning out consultations on issues that will directly affect Home Education here almost faster than we can track of. It really is so important that you respond to all of the following so that the voice of our children is heard.

On the table is a battle to protect our local Home Education group freedoms and for our children's access to vital NHS therapy services etc.

The relevant consultations and their end dates are listed below for easy access. We've also added a couple of helpful info links for you.  In addition we have a Welsh HE SEN group which you are more than welcome to join.

Anyone who is not totally knackered after responding could also help by writing to their local Assembly member ahead of this year's election.

1. Out-of-school education settings.

Closes 05/4/16
- help protect our home ed groups pls -

Link to supporting petition that will help protect Home ed groups. This petition is not a Home Ed one!

A view point from Fiona nicholson of Ed Yourself - a home education advice organisation

2. Supporting learners with Healthcare Needs.

Closes 29/04/2016

A useful legal article on this consultation from Sinclairs Law firm, who helped us with our responses to the ALN Bill.

3. Consultation on the refreshed Autistic Spectrum Disorder Strategic Action Plan.

Closes  27/05/2016

Link to Face Book Group where the consultations are all under discussion.

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