Thursday, 18 February 2016

Anxiety resources - by Louise Gardener.

Applications and Internet Programmes

Mindshift programme from the Apple store

Online programme about tapping/emotional freedom that is suitable for parents too

Be mindful

Video link  - Get to know your panic monster

Organisations with links to further help and resources

Child anxiety website –chocka with further resources

Young minds – child and adolescent mental health

– cards, CD’s , free downloads, local classes etc

The Hawn Foundation
MindUP™ teaches social and emotional learning skills that link cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness training utilizing a brain centric approach

Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Antibullying and Assertiveness courses and workshops

In an emergency do not hesitate to take your child to A&E!

This resource can help protect against future suicidal thoughts only and should be used in conjunction and under the supervision of suitably qualified medical personnel.

Books – Amazon links

What to do when you worry too much

Overcoming social anxiety and shyness.

Think Good - Feel Good: A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workbook for Children and Young People (Psychology)

Helping Your Anxious Child: A Step-by-step Guide for Parents

7 Reasons behind Math Anxiety and How to Prevent It

Coping with Maths Anxiety

Anxiety in Kids: How to Turn it Around and Protect Them For Life

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