Sunday, 29 November 2015

KS3 Structured Curriculum materials for newcomers to Home Education.

Structured HE - some learning resources just to get you started.

Please don't go spending a fortune at first, it takes a while to suss your child's preferred learning style. We think the real burning need for text books only comes when you hit the exam syllabus stage; and that until then most stuff can actually be gleaned for free or very low cost. Start with the free stuff and only make purchases when you are sure you actually need them. This will mean that hopefully you will have the funds available for any really critical things you may find your child needs further down the line such as private therapies. 

The Home Education community often negotiates group discounts on things like specialist dyslexia software etc. So do ask in our Face Book group, before splurging out on items like this. For most things someone, somewhere will have found a way of accessing it more cheaply.
Some ideas - We've included paid for resources but have a definite leaning towards totally free when possible. 


At 11 I would stick with this course for maths as its free, until you need a specific exam board textbook later on. That keeps the costs down for one core subject.


For science I really do love this range at KS3. very visual, fun & with an accompanying CD

Do check out

A couple of great courses coming up in the next term or so we'd recommend

- basic science experiments

- the science of nutrition

Khan Academy is great for Science and maths.


For languages - the bookpeople have a sale on at the moment with complete MFL courses inc audio reduced from over £100 to just £22. Language Boxes in the main European languages - here
The bbc and duolingo also offer a range of free MFL resources. 

English - Free again!
This is a fab structured resource. Most of the literary texts are available totally free through the site too. Gives a really solid grounding in English language and literacy. Incorporates History in a lovely way too - wonderful to read about how people really lived as its all interconnected so nicely. 
Amazon often do second hand textbooks for as little as a penny. You just pay £2.80 postage and 9 times out of ten the books are in near perfect condition. We've often had great success finding CGP textbooks this way.
Abesbooks is another place to find standard textbooks much cheaper than the RRP.

Need a FREE KS3 Poetry Course? We love this one from NI. Huge poetry teaching PDF for ages 12yrs plus. (Key stage 3 in Northern Ireland). This is a brilliant resource for older children and uses computer skills, research, poetry and reading comprehension. Really good.

English - reading comprehension and analysis!
Very good resource!
Book review reports, reading comprehension templates, critical analysis templates.

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