Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dispelling the Myths - What exactly is it that Home Educators do all day?

Dispelling the myths
– please find a list of blogs and web links produced by a variety of real life families who home educate. We hope that you’ll take a look and that it will help inform you as to what actually happens on a day to day basis in our homes, lives and communities. Home Education offers the incredible opportunity to truly differentiate and tailor make the education to suit a child's interests, while supporting their additional learning needs.

Please do note all opinions expressed are those of the authors, and they do not attempt to represent anyone but themselves.
Hey everyone! As some of you already know...I don't go to school! And I get…

Agi "Since I was 8 I have been making a yearly documentary about my relationship with My Little Sister Magdalena, who happens to have Down's syndrome. You can see the first episode for free here"
(for anyone who wants you can purchase the other 7 episodes).

Our bravest Autonomous Home Educator! Follow her trip across Africa with her autistic daughter.  

Four children with additional needs educated at home.  

Sharing creative ideas for other parents

Home educating with a large slice of autism

The Home education adventures of Bastian
ABA in Scotland.


A year 6 Autumn in Swansea

Ten reasons why we should not be forcibly registered.

A new twitter page about Home educating a child with additional needs
Logical Incrementalism - here

Funded Home - Help4Joss programme

 Living, running a business & home educating 2 boys on the spectrum
The trials and smiles of a home schooling mum as she shares her secrets on educating her autistic and…

And the Twitter for it is: @LifeOfStarGirl


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