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Exam Centres

South Wales

  • Monmouth - Home Ed Partners
GCSEs, with controlled assessments, and IGCSEs. Cost of sitting an IGCSE is approx. £100 per subject (exam fee plus invigilation of £20 per hour).Edexcel and WJEC. Waiting to hear if they can use AQA (as of May 2016 they are not using AQA as AQA
require a fee of £900 to register and this cannot be recouped from the small number of students that use this center) Rosemary, who runs it, is very pro-HE and will look at all sorts of ideas to see if they can
be accommodated. The plan is to add things like ECDL and BETECs if it can be done.Courses to lead up to exams are run for regular attenders and distance learners.Candidates can be entered as internal rather than external but would mean
they would need to attend some study sessions and not be registered at another centre.
This does, however, open up the chance of GCSEs which are not normally available to
private candidates e.g. Food Tech and Child Development Pembrokeshire College – Haverfordwest Private Candidates for GCSE iGCSE A-level exams including the new Science Practical Endorsement Workshops (5 days) including Access Arrangements + Examination SupportExam fees of £60 per paper for iGCSEs, GCSEs, A-levels. Cover all examination boards AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, Cambridge International. Online “self-paced study” courses for iGCSE and A-levels in most subjects with support
of a dedicated course tutor, examination preparation and UCAS application support if required. Online “Live School” courses for iGCSE and A-level available in most subjects including
A-level Computer Science with support of a dedicated course tutor, examination
preparation and UCAS application support if required.Our experience has been of
homework marked and returned within 3-4 hours for A-Level Physics and Maths. Another very Pro-HE centre and good at helping with access arrangements. Contact: Matthew Norman – 01437 753 191 * Swansea sixth form - £150 per GCSE * St Claire's, Porthcawl - various prices - one off annual admin fee of £50 and
invigilator cost per hour andexam cost of approx £50. * 3A Tutors Bristol £150 per GCSE - can be useful for MFL and computer science IGCSE. * Bridgend College - Approx about £75 per GCSE - best to check with exam officer. AQA, IGCSE EDEXCEL, WJEC.
  • West Monmouth School - Pontypool
External candidates can sit WJEC, AQA and Edexcel. They have previously used OCR
and City and Guilds and still are able to offer exams through these boards.The price of
exams vary with different board and level of exam. They range from £7.60 up to £28.70.Contact person is Soosie Watson at 01495 762080.

Central Wales

Interhigh - this was approved as an independent exam centre earlier this year, so this
years entrants will be the pioneers for the Home Education Community at this centre.
It’ll be interesting to see how responsive they are to our needs. IGSE and A Level mostly EdExcel Board. School Office InterHigh Education Lewis Parry House Elvicta Estate Crickhowell NP8 1DFTel. 44 (0)1873 813900 Fax. 44 (0)8709 127314 Email.
  • Newtown - Coleg Powys
Do IGCSEs at least. Very accommodating.

North Wales

  • Moreton School, The Howells in Denbigh and Ellesmere College don't take external candidates.

  • Ruthin School, Ruthin. Take a small number of IGCSE candidates yearly and happy to accommodate various papers. Check A levels. Apply early.
  • The Marches does not accept external candidates.
  • Coleg Cambria, Wrexham, accept external students as long as exams are self contained and do not require a controlled assessment or coursework etc. Although I was only enquiring about the Wrexham college, I see no reason as to why they wouldn't offer it at their other colleges.
  • Oswestry - Oswestry School
Doesn't accept external candidates as a rule.
  • Conway - Conway Education Centre
Do at least IGCSE Eng Lang spec A

General Information about Exams.

Please note sourcing and updating exam centres that accept private candidates is an ongoing exercise for the Home Education Community across the UK. If you can’t find a centre for the subject and board you would like please take a look here:-

The exams wiki is maintained by home educators from all over the UK and is very useful. You'll find information on IGCSE's, A levels and alternative qualifications such as BTECs.
Users have commented on the various Specs available, and you'll find updates on the timetable for the new English IGCSE and GCSE implementations.
If you find a new exam centre please email us at so we can update the file.

An explanation of access arrangements for the most commonly used exam boards can be found here:-
Please ensure you make any access arrangements well ahead of time. Article written by Steph Shobiye #CymruALN

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