Monday, 27 June 2016

KS2+ - FREE Structured core curriculum workbooks etc.

Back in the autumn we came up with a simple, mostly free core curriculum for folks new to Home Education in KS3. Now we've had a look around the web and tried to come up with a similar "starter pack" for new Home Educators of children aged 7+. Where possible we've given an indicative age range but please remember this really is a rough guide only - our children are so individual!

This selection is only designed to give you a flavour for what's out there - and there really is so much to choose from. Hopefully if we achieve one thing it's in helping you see that Home Education does not have to cost a fortune as nowadays there are so very many free resources.

In our Face Book group we take a closer look at more specialised learning resources for children with special needs. It's a great place to find out what works and what doesn't from other parents. We also include discounts for home educators when available on some specialist learning software packages etc. Do join us! 

Many thanks to Lynne Wilkinson for helping us compile such a useful selection of FREE resources! 


publisher is scholastic unless otherwise stated.

English writing and reading first steps.
Grades K-2 US
Years 1-3 UK
Ages 5-8yrs.
Grade 3 US
Year 4 UK
Ages 8-9yrs
Non-fiction English reading comprehension.
Ages 7-9yrs.

Teaching with Aesops fables - particularly nice for upper primary aged HFA kids.'s%20Fables.pdf
Scholastic reading comprehension Grade 5 US
Year 6 UK
Ages 10-11yrs

English reading and writing worksheets.
Grades 3-6 US
Years 4-7 UK
Ages 8-12yrs.
English - Story starters, visualising endings and reading comprehension. 

Teaching two poems worksheet.

Scholastic book of poems on nature.
English - reading comprehension and analysis!
Very good resource! published by Keansburg. 
Book review reports, reading comprehension templates, critical analysis templates.


Maths Scholastic book - word problems.
Grades 4-6 US
Years 5-7 UK
Ages 9-12yrs


The Human Body

General Science

Practical Science 5-8 year olds


Language Learning & the Rio Olympics

We also put together a nice selection of FREE Topic based learning resources; ideal for projects in this earlier blog post last Autumn.

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