Friday, 8 January 2016

Face Book - a bump in the road.

We woke up a couple of days ago to find our presence on Face Book had been erased, and the link to this blog blocked. So as an admin team we had a quick chin wag, reported the issue to Face Book and waited, then we waited some more..............

Finally today it became clear action was needed. Parents of special needs children are used to facing insurmountable odds, and the mere whims of a 3rd party software supplier are not sufficient to deter us easily.

The rebuild has commenced as it's now been 48 hours. Please rejoin & bear with us while we look for back up info and load it etc today. The group covers all of Wales and its remit is special needs. 
(There is a need for a specialist group as the law varies from the rest of the UK here)

It's a testament to the strength of our community we've been able to get back up and running so quickly. Our membership is fab', & together we'll achieve a hell of lot to benefit Home Educated ALN kids across Wales in 2016! 

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