Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Sunday Papers - a response.

This previous blog post shows you what Home Education actually involves from those of us who are actually doing it  here in Wales. 

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Instead of enjoying a relaxing break, now the consultation responses for the ALN Bill were in; HE group leaders found themselves wondering how on earth we could best support our English cousins over the border this morning. A series of lurid and inaccurate press articles dominated our day. It became clear as the day rolled on, that Home Education in England is under attack in a way we just hadn't anticipated!

In an attempt to counteract some of the negativity caused by The Independent on Sunday article (and others) and the focus on radicalism, some home educators are trying to launch a campaign to spread positivity about all the normal, yet wonderful things that happen in home education. On Facebook and Twitter, we are looking to put up photos of anything we have made or done accompanied with our very own Welsh campaign hash tag #HandsUpForHomeEd and also a brand new English one #‎freedomtolearn‬. 

Please feel free to share in other HE groups, admins of the national HE FB groups will be putting up a similar message. A HE mum is also trying to get together an image for our profile photos to support us. When she's done we'll post it here of course. 

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